Kicking off 2021 Premiering Good Bison's Newest Single "Lunatic"

Goodbye 2020 and good riddance! It’s time to move on and we’re doing so by grooving out to multi-genre expert Good Bison.

Created by Pablo Alvarez in Miami, Fla., Good Bison isn’t just the Guinness World Record holder for longest freestyle, he also creates the kind of music that satisfies any mood. Angsty and nostalgic, hopelessly romantic and brokenhearted, optimistic and in-your-face. Good Bison captures all of those feelings by allowing himself to dip his toes in every type of genre throughout his melodies. You can vibe out hints of pop-punk, skater rock, classic rock, r&b, stoner pop, and hip hop with Good Bison.

His newest EP Scattered Storms comes out later this month, Jan. 29, but first we’re premiering here the shortest track from the bunch “Lunatic.” Though it’s only 1 minute and 44 seconds, “Lunatic” captures a full ride on an emotional rollercoaster. Written while lost wandering Joshua Tree, the song starts off melancholic but ends fully pumping up the listener—as if you’ve finally found your way.

Be the first to hear Good Bison’s “Lunatic” from the Scattered Storms EP out Jan. 29, below!

Good Bison “Lunatic” (visualizer)