Joanna Tomassoni Gets Playful, Yet Introspective in New Video for "Tell Me a Story"

New Orleans-based singer/songwriter Joanna Tomassoni released her debut album Tell Me a Story in 2018. It set the stage for a delicate musician who shapes simple melodies into emotional sound-art. Now, the title track has a colorful and creative music video that pairs with it so organically, you’ll forget which came first.

Partnered with the directing/production design company All Of Them Witches, Tomassoni makes “Tell Me a Story” come to vivid life. The video shows bright lights of pinks and greens and mossy scenes that cut to a mountainous-looking Tomassoni singing her sweet tune, as well as a stop-motion-animation adventure of a person exploring the wilderness. It thrusts you into a colorful dream-like world and takes you through both the playful and stormy sides of its universe.

“Self-identity is precarious and ever-evolving; I feel like I’m reshaping myself from minute to minute as I move through the world,” Tomassoni says. “Sometimes I get lost, and then there’s nothing to do but ask a lot of questions—that’s essentially the place where this song was born.”

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