JENNY Tells a Tale of Love & Murder In Music Video for "Trajinero"

Rockers JENNY uses cutout animation to artistically take you on a journey through the story of “Trajinero.”

Written while living in Mexico City, “Trajinero” is a fun melody that keeps you hooked in both tale and tune. Sung in Spanish, JENNY immerses you into the narrative. The energetic beat, paired with electric guitar and keys, is a melody that you can keep on repeat and continuously have a good time with.

“Jacobo and I envisioned a plot where a lovelorn working-class trajinero must commit crimes to keep his upper-middle-class fresa girlfriend happy,” frontman Justin Maurer says. “Loosely based on the plot of Emilio ‘El Indio’ Fernández’ 1943 film Maria Candelaria, our protagonist commits a crime of passion and ends up in jail—he makes a plea to himself for his own happiness and survival, a passionate cry of, ‘Ni Carcel/Ni Ella/Ni Nerds.'”

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