Jaguar Sun & Jesse Maranger Join Forces to Create "Autumn Fire"

Heart-wrenching yet oddly comforting, Jaguar Sun and Jesse Maranger start this spring with the perfect anthem for coming out of that winter depression.

“Autumn Fire” uses melancholy to empower you with echoing vocals and intricate instrumentation that follows along to the beat of your heart. It’s a song that’s introspective and is unafraid to get deep and personal. Paired with a dark lyric video that feels just as harrowing and uplifting all in one, this track can simply be defined as beautiful.

The musicians agree that the track is about the “feeling when the music takes over, nothing else matters and suddenly, everything makes sense.”

From the upcoming EP Blossoms out April 23 (pre-order here), be the first to watch/listen to Jaguar Sun and Jesse Maranger’s “Autumn Fire” below.