Jade Louise Goes to a Snowy Wonderland for Her Debut Single "Mother"

Jade Louise has chosen to debut herself in an ethereal world of lovable moss creatures, snow-covered forests, and a melody that’s both melancholic and hopeful all in one.

This NYC-based musician is giving off some serious Lana Del Rey-vibes with “Mother,” but in a way that’s keeping her sound effortlessly personally. Wandering around a winter wonderland, Louise finds herself raising a sweet moss creature. The music delicately follows her through this dream-like journey, ending with a happy mother and grown-up child reuniting and dancing around in the snow. Shot on 16mm film in and around a secluded one-bedroom cabin in upstate New York, the aesthetics paired with the hazy experimental indie-pop sound beautifully capture the warmth of a mother and the array of emotions that come with motherhood.

Louise has been working on her own music, recording everything from her Brooklyn apartment. Before that, she’s played shows alongside another local group called Hideout and has recently been playing on records for The Gloomies and other friends at Diamond Mine Recording Inc.

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