Holly Overton & Sean Spada Duet as Two Sad Clowns in Miscommunication for "Take A Step"

New York City-based artists Holly Overton and Sean Spada are here to tell a story of love loss through the eyes of two characters packing away a relationship that used to be.

Both performance artists and pianists, Overton and Spada are an explosively creative duo. They show off their combined artistic talent in “Take A Step”—not just musically, but also aesthetically.

Portraying two clowns barely able to utter a word to each other, the video artistically presents that heart-sinking feeling when you’ve finally realized it’s all over. The melody alone lays down a story of relatable emotions using keys, guitar, saxophone, bass, and several types of percussion. And, of course, the harmonized vocals and back-and-forth singing between Overton and Spada all create a song as captivating as an Oscar-worthy film.

This will be the first official co-release between the two artists with hopefully more future collaborations. In the meantime, be the first to watch “Take A Step” by Holly Overton and Sean Spada below.