GYMSHORTS' Frontwoman Grows In Solo Project greensleeves' Video for "the way"

If you know GYMSHORTS, you know all about frontwoman Sarah Greenwell’s fast, thrashy, and heavy stoner punk rock. Tracks like “Ding Dong Ditch” and “I’m The Jeff Gordon of Our Generation” are in-your-face fast and hardcore with tongue-in-cheek lyrics that SCREAM rebellious.

But Greenwell is trying something different for her solo project as greensleeves: she’s heavily slowing things down. Her debut last year with the single “Royal Jelly” instantly laid the groundwork for a musician who is ready to wear her emotions on her sleeves. Now, single No. 4 “the way” reveals exactly how she’s changed and continues to evolve as a person and musician.

“‘the way’ is about growth, really,” Greenwell says. “It’s about having enough space to look back at something that wasn’t working and be appreciative for what it was but also for the fact that it isn’t anymore.”

The video premiering below for “the way” shows multiple versions of Greenwell shining a light on her journey—she’s different, yet still herself. Be the first to watch it below!