Grayson, Uruguay, & Danny Denial Collab Cross Country for "illusion"

To say 2020 has been rough is the understatement of the year. It’s been, as L.A. indie artist Grayson puts it, like a “dumpster fire” or “bad acid trip.”

Grayson gathered fellow queer artists Stepha (frontwoman of NYC band Uruguay) and Seattle’s Danny Denial while in the midst of the summer BLM protests and, of course, a pandemic. Each artist is from a different part of the country, but they came together to create some sort of relief from the hectic reality. As soothing indie/emo, “illusion” shows the virtual connection between these three friends. Emotional keys and shimmering layered vocals make your heart well right up. As soon as you press play, you begin to feel the hurricane of emotions that these three, and many of us around the world, have been facing this year.

“We made ‘illusion’ not only with purpose behind it, but also heart,” Stepha tells BTRtoday. “It doesn’t matter your color, who you love, or how you identify—you are valid and you are not alone.”

“I think we all needed to get a lot of feelings out [and] it was incredible to put our three lenses on the world together while living it in real-time, and turn it into something beautiful,” Denial adds. “I couldn’t be happier to share this with my dear friends—2020 is horrible, but it doesn’t mean we stop creating.”

Be the first to watch the collab, “illusion,” in all its glory below.

“illusion” by Grayson, Uruguay, & Danny Denial