Grave Flowers Come Alive In the New Video For Color Tongue's "Garden"

A cemetery can be an eerie place, but it can also be quite beautiful and peaceful. NYC’s Color Tongue shows you in “Garden” that life can be celebrated even when you’re surrounded by death.

“Growing up, my mom had a really beautiful garden in front of our house—she lives in an apartment now and while I was visiting with her she said, ‘the only time I get to garden anymore is when I visit your grandparents’ grave,'” frontman Eddie Kuspiel says. “I thought it was beautiful that her parents were still providing something for her even after death, in a Giving Tree sort of way.”

The song celebrates a love that transcends life and death with waterfalls of synth, echoing vocal layers, and a sound reminiscent of early Animal Collective or Beach House. The sound grows to an eventual burst that feels refreshing, like a flower blossom during a spring shower.

The song comes from their album Worry Wort released back in September. Be the first to watch Color Tongue’s “Garden” come alive below.

Color Tongue ,”Garden”