Go On An Interdimensional Journey with The Curls' Spiritual Mick in "Kill the Cringe"

The Curls’ frontman Mick Fansler is diving headfirst into a new realm with his Spiritual Mick project, and “Kill the Cringe” invites you on that journey.

Open your third eye to melodic garage rock that gives you and your chakras an experimental distorted feeling. Trippy visuals make you meditate and accept the world into your heart, but also ponder all the fucked up shit with humanity. Fansler doesn’t lose touch with his rocker self in Spiritual Mick—in fact, he digs even deeper down into his musical soul and gets unabashedly frank with his music.

“This is my third video for Mick—in it, we attempt to tell the story of one person’s personal spiritual journey towards enlightenment (Beast Mode Meditation) bumping up against the relentless brutality and stupidity of modern culture,” video director/collaborator Matthew Shelton says. “This video is a depiction of the confusion, incoherent rage, and paranoia of Spiritual Mick’s reaction to that. He has done the ‘inner work’ of achieving personal enlightenment, but how is he supposed to integrate that with the inescapable ‘outer world’ of politics, economics, and culture?”

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