Go Fast with the New Music Video for French Cassettes' "Utah"

Bill Withers, a silver 1981 Fiat Spider, and monochrome turtlenecks are just a few of the inspirations behind this new music video.

The disco-infused, power-pop, shimmering indie thrasher “Utah” by French Cassettes is the first from the quartet’s upcoming sophomore album Rolodex. Coming out Dec. 11 on Tender Loving Empire, “Utah” sets the stage for a fun and well-manicured set of tunes.

The video for “Utah,” premiering below, was inspired by an image of Bill Withers sweating out a song in a turtleneck.

“That image just stayed in my mind,” frontman Scott Huerta tells BTRtoday. “So, this song is what I imagined a young Bill would sing to himself on a solo road trip to Utah in a Fiat Spider with nothing packed but a backup turtleneck—all we know about this guy is he just needs to go fast.”

This project turned into a real-life adventure when the group decided to actually shoot the video for “Utah” in Utah. The vintage automobile, which they purchased for the shoot, apparently broke down several times while filming in the beautiful outlaw-esque Utah landscapes.

Be the first to see how the adventure turned out for French Cassettes below in the music video for”Utah” premiering below.

French Cassettes, “Utah”