Get Reigned On By Racquel Jones' New Badass Video for "Queen"

You never knew the meaning of women lifting women until you hear Racquel Jones’ “Queen” ft. Eternia.

From her upcoming album IgnoRANT, out April 23, “Queen” is the most empowering song of 2021 so far. While Jones struts around in her goddess-like aesthetic and shiny killer crown, rapping “I’m a queen, I’m a badass bitch …” she creates an air of empowerment. But she’s not greedy with this form of confidence, the video shows her lifting fellow goddesses, making any listener feel unstoppable.

Accompanied by a funky and catchy beat, she spits verse after verse that plunge straight into your soul. There should be a warning with this track because it’ll make you dance like you’re a fool in love with yourself, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

“The preconceived ideas and disposition of who a queen is is far too long defined by sexist, limited, unrealistic masculine standards—when, in fact, a queen should only be defined by queens themselves,” Jones says. “So, from me, a queen; a queen is multifaceted, multidimensional, divine, and the truest embodiment of life itself. Today she’s nurturing, giving life, relentless, and fiercely tenacious, [but] tomorrow she is soft, gentle, vulnerable, sexy, regal, and simultaneously a badass bitch—her physical being transcends appearances and the superficial. So fuck all physical beauty standards that are imposed and associated with the definition of ‘queen’, because queens are far more than what we look like.”

Be the first to watch Racquel Jones’ “Queen” ft. Eternia below and get ready to feel the power. (Pre-order IgnoRANT here!)