Get Lost in the Woods with Summer Salt in their New Video for "Hocus Pocus"

Matthew Terry (guitar/vocals) and Eugene Chung (drums), aka Summer Salt, make getting lost in the woods and chased by a bear seem like a good time.

With a face full of sparkles and a catchy melody accompanying them, the Texas duo ventures out into the wilderness for their song “Hocus Pocus.” Though the two get lost along the way, the hike never seems to turn into a bad trip. “Hocus Pocus” (no relation to the Disney film) is a trendy indie track that’s uplifting, taking bleak feelings and transforming them into chill vibes.

“Everyone who passes through our lives plays a role in who we become—this person was significant to me and I wrote [‘Hocus Pocus’] as my goodbye letter to them,” Terry says about the track. “Honestly, it’s about the movie—just kidding! [But] there are a few references to other artists that I had fun hiding in the lyrics.”

Join Summer Salt in the woods below by watching the video for “Hocus Pocus” from their album Sequoia Moon, out June 25 via Cherry Lime Records (pre-order here). Plus, catch them on tour starting next month!