Get Lost in Marion Raw's Moody Cher Cover of "If I Could Turn Back Time"

Mexico City/ L.A.-based musician Marion Raw sets the stage for her upcoming debut solo album with moody melodies both covers and originals in her signature scratchy and melodic vocals that play the heartstrings.

Featuring just Raw and her acoustic guitar, “If I Could Turn Back Time” feels like a hazy memory or a dream you’re trying to hang onto after waking up in the early hours of the morning. You don’t remember what you meant when you said the things you did or why you acted that way. It’s just a fuzzy thought now, made more difficult to understand with each passing moment. Sweet strums of the guitar along with Raw’s comforting vocals make you wonder about things you didn’t realize you’ve almost forgotten—like, maybe your love for Cher.

“This song lies somewhere between the superpower I wish I had to turn back time and the superpower to look like Cher in a thong,” Raw says.

From Marion Raw’s debut solo album Deep Cuts, out April 9, be the first to watch the video for “If I Could Turn Back Time” below.