Get An Exclusive Pre-Listen to Powerlines' 'all of this is temporary' A Day Before Its Official Release

We’re so excited to give the world a sneak peek into Powerlines’ debut LP all of this is temporary!

Out tomorrow, the New Jersey-based trio sets the foundation for an epic pop-rock sound. Utterly catchy with songs ranging from emotional/meloncholic to empowering to in-your-face, the album is unbelievably captivating. It thrusts Powerlines into your view and cements them there. The album’s singles “Sober” and “Temporary” are a perfect combo exemplifying just that. “Sober” lays down a bluesy track that gets you grooving and moving, while “Temporary” shows a softer side to Powerlines, reaching out to listeners from somewhere deep down inside.

They’re unafraid to bare it all. And they do it in a way that avoids pigeon-holing them into one genre.

all of this is temporary tapestries moments that have shaped us—throws with addictions, intense anxieties, dealing with death and loss, moments of informative impermanence,” frontwoman Deanna DiLandro says. “We channeled internal storms into this music; we allowed the emotions felt and hardships had to pass through us because we are always finding new ways to love—we’ve webbed the emotions we once felt into poetry, allowing us to let go and move on because we realized- all of this is temporary.”

Be the first to hear Powerlines’ debut album all of this is temporary below—it’s officially out tomorrow, but you can pre-order the LP here!

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