Gawn Brings You Back to DIY House Shows with "No Light"

The days when you asked a punk for the house show address are currently on pause due to COVID-19—but that’s not slowing down any of the artists that rocked those DIY ragers.

East Coast DIY music veteran Zach Koenig (Sun Abduction) created his newest project, Gawn, in 2018. After being unable to lock down a steady band, he went with the flow and played shows with new people every time. This made each live performance from Gawn feel more like a party.

Now he misses those days and wants to bring back that social feeling—and “No Light,” the first single off his debut album, Thee Essence Ov Everything out Aug. 14, is doing just that.

Shot on a Brooklyn rooftop with friends jamming around him, “No Light” is a catchy and comforting indie garage anthem. The track’s melodic guitar strums feel like a fresh ocean breeze while the relatable lyrics will make you wanna chill with some buds.

“Nothing better than playing music on a roof with your crew [and] can’t wait ’til we can do it again,” Koenig says.

Watch the video below and be the first to hear “No Light” by Gawn.