Forrest Isn't Dead Is Just Trying To Be Human in "Here We Are"

Atlanta indie-pop trio Forrest Isn’t Dead humanizes their music with the extremely relatable song “Here We Are.” Keeping the wavy melody full of spirit, this track gets your mind wandering and your feet tapping.

A video portraying an everyday family and their issues is only fitting for a song about surviving the ups and downs of life. Each family member battles their own demons, but by the end of the four minutes and seven seconds, they understand and accept they are only human.

“It’s a song that came very naturally to me,” frontman Forrest Kleindienst says. “The lyrics are a reflection of the relationship between my father and me—I don’t hold any negative feelings or regret towards him, as everyone has to deal with their choices in their own way, [but] I did learn that you can’t control how people treat you and how much power you let them have over you.”

From their upcoming LP (out in 2021), be the first to watch Forrest Isn’t Dead’s video for “Here We Are” below.

Forrest Isn’t Dead, “Here We Are”