Find Yourself In a Fever Dream with Mariya May In Her New Video for "Oh No! Oh No! Oh No!"

Based on a haunting out-of-body experience Portland-based musician Mariya May had as a teenager, the video for “Oh No! Oh No! Oh No!” gives you a taste of the spooky side of the unexplainable.

The song itself is groovy and psychedelic, with hints of goth rock—making you feel like a hippie who’s obsessed with peace, love, and Halloween. The video, however, is hazy and dreamlike, not quite fully pulling you into a nightmare, but definitely suggesting that things could take a turn turn at any moment.

“I woke up in the middle of the night floating above my bed, pressed up against my ceiling, [and] I distinctly remember the feeling of someone’s jagged breath close to me, it was terrifying,” May says about the experience the track was inspired by. “The next day I found out one of my best friends had taken his life the night before—like me, he was only 14. We’d had a pretty strong bond between us, and I always knew that somehow, on his way out of this world, we had connected.”

From her last album, Kiki & Mel’s Drive-Time Circus (purchase/stream here), be the first to watch the video for “Oh No! Oh No! Oh No!” below.