Felix Hatfield Finds Romance in the Era of Silent Films with "That Kiss"

Portland, Ore.-based artist Felix Hatfield and his friend Esmé Patterson reminisce about an unforgettable kiss in the new single “That Kiss.”

The song is a delicate indie-folk melody that’s an easy repeat for the broken hearted or anyone swept up in the beautiful chaos of love. There are gentle strums of the guitar, wind instruments, and romantic vocals that swirl together with each other like they were meant to be.

“Here was an undeveloped heartbreaker song I dug up for my friend Huck Notari to sing,” Hatfield says. “But ended up fixing the words and recording a version myself.”

The world Hatfield has created within the music video for “That Kiss” is a strange silent film production. Exaggerated rolling eyes, intense eyeliner, and a junk-smoking robot—the video would’ve been a hit during the height of silent films.

“That Kiss” comes from False God, the upcoming album by Felix Hatfield that’s out Oct. 23. Be the first to watch the vintage themed black-and-white music video for “That Kiss” below and fall in love with absurdity.

Felix Hatfield, “That Kiss” ft. Esmé Patterson