Feel Your Heart Beat With Whiner's Newest Single "Dog"

We all fall into black holes of our own toxic nostalgia, but the key is to be able to snap back to reality. NYC-based band Whiner knows the feeling.

Their newest single “Dog,” from their upcoming sophomore LP Peace Out Cruel World, is about that exact experience. Some random thing crosses your mind and reminds you of a past heartbreak and you can’t help but feel the pain that was there at the time. It feels just as strong as when it first happened for that fleeting second, but then you’re able to remember you’ve moved on, life moves on, and you continue living.

“It’s about that nostalgic melancholy feeling when you smell a certain kind of perfume or find a box of old Polaroid photos in your room when cleaning,” says frontman Cameron J. Castan. “Your heartaches for that moment and you go on with the rest of your day.”

With a sound reminiscent of The Cure or Joy Division, Whiner’s “Dog” uses an epic melody that brushes slowly over you like a crisp breeze but then ends by whirling you up like a tornado. Synth-heavy and delightfully melodic, be the first to listen to “Dog” by Whiner below and keep an eye out for the release of Peace Out Cruel World out later this year.