Feel the Sun in December with The Pinkerton Raid's "Dream the Sun"

Paired with a festive and fun stop-motion animation video, The Pinkerton Raid’s new track “Dream the Sun” feels warm and cheerful.

A slow melody with an intensely emotional vibe, “Dream the Sun” combines gentle guitar strums with assuring vocals that create a beautifully comforting tune. Hitting genres like indie, folk, and rock, this song perfectly captures the feelings from a tender moment and forever encapsulates it into your heart.

“‘Dream the Sun’ is a song about hoping for things to get better, even when the tunnel seems way long and the light is far beyond where our eyes can see,” frontman Jesse James DeConto says. “So many of us, including musicians, have had our lives and our work completely upended by COVID and this is a song for people who refuse to give up hope that we’re going to see the sunrise on all of us again.”

Encouraging listeners to “dream brighter,” the optimistic track is a perfect vibe to end 2020—a year that’s been filled with struggles and letdowns to say the least. From the upcoming 2021 album The Highway Moves the World, be the first to watch the video for The Pinkerton Raid’s “Dream the Sun” below.

The Pinkerton Raid, “Dream the Sun”