Faux Furrs Premieres Shimmering New Track & Donates Proceeds

This song will make you want to dance off into space, but this Chicago-based group is using its infectious melody to encourage action and help better their community.

Faux Furrs is releasing “Worlds Made Of Words” today and donating 100% of the track’s Bandcamp proceeds to Assata’s Daughters, a Chicago-based community organization.

“Worlds Made Of Words” is the first single from an in-the-works album, and the track shimmers with synth and colorful guitar. The echoing vocals twist and turn the song into a new dimension where psych-rock beautifully combines with post-punk and classic garage sounds. It displays an epic form of unity we should all aspire to.

“We humans are burdened by a cacophony of verbiage every day and this is our reminder to not let the noise overtake us,” frontman Ryan Deffet says. “To find a peaceful focus and use that energy for good.”

Listen to Faux Furrs’ “Worlds Made Of Words” below and purchase the track via Bandcamp to help better a community.