Experience the Inner Struggle with Sculpture Club's Newest Track "Chains and Faith"

Dealing with your mental health can sometimes be overwhelming and all-consuming. Whether you’re diagnosed or not, it’s human to feel like you’re in a constant state of chaos. Salt Lake City, Utah-based band Sculpture Club perfectly captures that battle with the newest single “Chains and Faith.”

“This song is [about] struggling and dealing with the idea of self/identity and the connections you have to yourself—it stems from my Imposter Syndrome and my constant struggle with my own self-worth,” says frontman Chaz Costello. “Also, [it’s about] how depression can wear you and your self-image down to the point that you can’t recognize who you are.”

An instant post-punk anthem, “Chains and Faith” prepares you for battling yourself. The song’s dark vibe is consumed by walls of synth, shimmering guitar, and echoing vocals that sing as a neutral party on this battlefield.

“The verses are my inner monologue and the chorus is the culmination and release of the frustration—only wanting a simple connection with yourself like knowing your true name,” Costello adds. “More poetically put, the song deals with the chains of depression as identity as well as the void of identity that mental illness can bring on.”

Check out Sculpture Club’s “Chains and Faith” below from the upcoming album Worth, out May 14 via Funeral Party Records—pre-order here!

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