Exclusively Stream Juracán's Entire New Album 'Jarineo'

It’s 2020 and mental health is more important than ever. If you can’t help yourself, who can you help?

Portland-based Dominican musician Pierre Carbuccia, aka Juracán, has created the perfect album to lift the weight from your shoulders and renew yourself. Jarineo provides 20 ambient, short, but sweet tracks that titillate all the senses. Spanish guitar-influenced picking oozes from each melody like honey on the tongue as echoing tambourines vibrate through the tips of your fingers and toes. Meanwhile, soothing vocals that only choose to accompany the music when absolutely necessary, set a cloud of calm, blurring the worries from your eyes and easing your hefty soul.

Jarineo is a Dominican word used for drizzle—I chose this title because the rain influenced my emotional state while adapting to cultural differences and the climate in Portland, Oregon,” Carbuccia says. “I have a hard time defining a genre for my sound, yet I can say that it ranges from calming to tense, and from hopeful to melancholic.”

Jarineo will open that third eye of yours to start the healing process for yourself so you can help pass along that serenity the world is so currently desperate for. It’s an album that truly captures the spirit of fervent peacefulness.

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