Exclusive Pre-Release of NYC's Spite FuXXX New Seven-Inch

Voting Trump out of office was just the starting line. It’s time to dismantle the system that brought us here in the first place—and what better way to get in the rebellious mood than with some good ol’ punk rock?

NYC’s Spite FuXXX will be releasing a seven-inch tomorrow that includes three raging tracks, including “Eat The Rich,” “Break Me,” and an epic cover of Dolly Parton’s “9-to-5.” Bursting with fast, hard-hitting riffs, their combo of melodic-yet-gritty punk will have you moving your hips as you shout along to the revolution.

“Our M.O. as people and as a band is basically to dance in the embers of a crumbling world, because if there’s hope for the future it won’t come from mourning or clinging to the past,” frontwoman MG Stillwaggon tells BTRtoday. “We want to make music that people can groove to while they’re setting a police car on fire, or seizing a luxury condo to house the unhoused.”

Be the first to listen to Spite FuXXX’s new seven-inch below before its official release on Thursday.