Ethan Gold Follows Lives Around the World in the New Music Video for "Bright & Lonely City"

No matter where you are, there’s one thing we’ve all got in common: we’re just trying to live our lives. Artist Ethan Gold captures that essence in his newest music video for “Bright & Lonely City.”

Following several different people from around the world just living their day-to-day lives, “Bright & Lonely City” takes you on a trip that’s deeper than a simple vacation. This video shows you that we’re all connected, part of the same humanity. The song and video are a perfect match for each other—while the video shows the lives of others, the song makes sure you’re getting deeper than face value.

“As this was made during the pandemic, we also got friends and cohorts to film in cities around the world—Jacksonville, Fla., Paris, Tbilisi, Georgia, Russia, and Japan,” Gold says. “Our insecurities and our desire to show ourselves and be comfortable with who we are. A lot of these themes will be turned upside down and may be resolved in the songs and videos for the Earth City trilogy coming over the next couple of years.”

Though the lyrics are relatable and meaningful, the vibes feel philosophical and deeper than just a simple rock song. Carried beautifully by Gold, “Bright & Lonely City” stays a true blue emotional rocker, but takes you to a whole new realm of introspection.

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