Enjoy A Little Light with Bones Owens' Newest Single "Good Day"

A true-blue rock ‘n’ roller, Bones Owens gives us a beautifully straight forward rocker with “Good Day.”

Hitting all the cornerstones of rock ‘n’ roll with blues, garage, and even a little Americana, “Good Day” is what we’re all striving for in 2021. Last year was a shitshow, to say the least, and this year isn’t looking that much brighter so far. But here is Bones Owens, opening up the dark clouds for us and showing us it’s still possible to just fucking chill and have a day you can look back on and think, “damn, that was a good day.” Did you ever think rock ‘n’ roll could bring you such calmness?

“It’s just meant to be a feel-good moment,” Owens says. “A snapshot of someone who’s having their day in the sun.”

From his upcoming self-titled album, out Feb. 26 via Thirty Tigers, be the first to watch the video for “Good Day” by Bones Owens below.


Bones Owens, “Good Day”