Eleanor Buckland Emerges Renewed with New Track "Don't Look Down"

Gearing up to release her first album as a solo artist, Eleanor Buckland leads into her musical career with “Don’t Look Down.”

The track is a catchy indie number that somehow perfectly juxtaposes feelings of desperation and gloom with optimism and hopefulness. With energetic indie beats paired with Buckland’s soothing delicate vocals, “Don’t Look Down” creates a balance between dark and light energies that makes you feel cleansed within.

“I began writing this song on beautiful Mayne Island, one of the Gulf Islands in British Columbia while experiencing a deep melancholy—it was December of a dark emotional year and I was searching for understanding. On the morning of January 1st, with a group of new and old friends, I ran into the cold waters of Campbell Bay, plunging down to submerge myself, metaphorically cleansing myself of the previous year,” Buckland says. “It felt like an awakening and a hopeful moment of freedom—this is the song that followed that plunge [and] it was the first track we recorded in the studio. We built the rest of the album upon this musical foundation. I think of ‘Don’t Look Down’ as both a question and the thesis statement for the record.”

From her upcoming solo debut album, You Don’t Have to Know, be the first to listen to Eleanor Buckland’s “Don’t Look Down” below.

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