Desi Ramone Keeps Punkabilly Alive with His Rendition of Bobby Day's "Rockin' Robin"

The hit was first written by Bobby Day in 1958 and instantly became a staple in music history. The song has since been covered by many artists, most famously by The Jackson Five in the 1970s. We’re talking, of course, about “Rockin’ Robin.” It first exploded as a rock ‘n’ roll number, but eventually became an anthem for anything rockabilly blues.

Now, it’s back in punkabilly form courtesy of West Coast artist Desi Ramone!

“I always liked the song and one time during an outside jam I broke into a fast driving blues riff [and] the only lyrics that came to mind were, “he rocks in the treetop all day long”—it felt good and folks seemed to like it so I kept it as part of the setlist,” Ramone says. “I wanted to make a video that was interesting and scary with intensity and was a lil’ sexy. The song has this driving beat that moves us along and I thought the best way to catch that on camera was to add beautiful vintage bikes with guys in proper gear.”

The video, shot entirely on an iPhone 7, provides dark imagery with bikers and beehive hairdos along with a mysterious storyline. It gives this already energetic song an exciting new edge and gets you ready to dance and sing along. So start twisting and press play to watch Desi Ramone’s “Rockin’ Robin” below.