Declutter to the Premiere of The Little Miss' "Spring Cleaning" Video

For all those Americana/indie rock lovers with stuff under their bed, in the garage, attic, or wherever piling up and keeping you stressed, this song is for you.

Hayley Johnson, the mastermind behind The Little Miss, is followed around by angels reminding her to declutter while her punchy melodic tune keeps things upbeat. She tries her best to ignore these angels, but they’re everywhere—in her shower, sitting next to her on the couch, or following her down some steps. Johnson says it’s about her fraught relationship with capitalism. It seems like a losing game, but the epic choreographed dance at the end really leaves you on a squeaky clean and optimistic note. The Americana-inspired indie thrasher will have you dancing and singing into the handle of your broom while you’re getting your spring cleaning done.

So get the trash bags ready and check out The Little Miss’ video for “Spring Cleaning” below.

The Little Miss, “Spring Cleaning”