Debuting Spiritual Mick with "Muncher Madness (Or the Democracy of Killing Everything That Moves)"

Spiritual Mick, the newest project from catchy garage rockers The Curls‘ frontman Mick Fansler, takes you to an entirely different solar system of rock ‘n’ roll.

Spacey and melodic, this single “Muncher Madness (Or the Democracy of Killing Everything That Moves)” sets the stage for a post-punk vibe that catapults you into introspection. This first taste of Spiritual Mick’s sound and creativity reminds you of bands like The Fall or Swans. Drenched in distortion and threaded together with a catchy melody, Spiritual Mick will have you contemplating life as you dance along to humanity’s flaws.

“I’d like to bring a collective-spirituality, politić, and imagination back to a rock ‘n’ roll world that’s consumed by people-pleasers and individuals’ aesthetics,” Fansler says.

The paired music video features an awkwardly dancing animated character in a suit with a missing eye and blood running down his cheek. It sways along with the lyrics bouncing beneath him as if he’s at a work-related karaoke night. Photos of American flags intermittently cascade while the suited man continues his performance.

Be the first to watch “Muncher Madness (Or the Democracy of Killing Everything That Moves)” below and keep your eyes peeled (or in the music video’s character’s case, keep your eye peeled) for an upcoming debut album from Spiritual Mick later this year.