Debuting Soulful Teen Ceci Leon's First Original Song "Make It Easy"

Amy Winehouse, Etta James, and Alicia Keys share more than one similarity with new solo musician Ceci Leon—their voices are powerful and emotional, and they all started their careers as teenagers.

Cecilia Leon, aka Ceci, comes from Florida’s Wynwood School of Music. She used to play around town with the local Lotus Jazz Quartet, but like the aforementioned godmothers of robust female vocals, she’s decided to go solo. Leon showed her spotlight-worthy vocals earlier this year with a cover of Nai Palm’s “Atoll” backed by the Lotus Jazz Quartet. Now, she’s coming at us with her first-ever original song—”Make It Easy.”

Still backed by her good friends the Lotus Jazz Quartet, the teenager’s vocals sound mature beyond her years. A song about yearning love, “Make It Easy” is a beautiful neo-soul groove that feels reminiscent of late ’90s Lauryn Hill or Erykah Badu. Still fresh with Leon’s own touch, however, the smooth “Make It Easy” is a Gen Z-er’s dream of love and romance.

Be the first to listen to Ceci Leon’s “Make It Easy” below.

Wynwood School of Music · Cecilia Leon – Make it Easy