Cory José Prances Around Chicago Pantsless in New Video for "Warmth"

Broken hearts are usually part of growing up. You fall in love as a teenager like Romeo and Juliet, get heartbroken, and feel like it’s the end of the world. It all feels so explosive in the moment, but as we mature it becomes less painful and turns into a life lesson that helps us grow.

Some people, however,  don’t feel that treacherous ride of romance until later in life. And just like chickenpox, it can be more difficult to handle as an adult. “Warmth” expresses that painful late-in-life experience through an indie power-pop ballad while pantless in the city.

Cory José wrote “Warmth” while working at a coffee shop in the Sears Tower. Though his usual customers came from wealth, he would still see an internalized agony within them.

“I genuinely think there are a few too many people who don’t fall off their horse til much later in adult life,” he says. “This song takes a more endearing, nuanced look at the perspective of the ‘extra’ in that affair, the person falling in love with someone they really shouldn’t—they’re falling off their horse, and it’s stressful yet sort of beautiful.”

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Cory José “Warmth”