Ciarra Fragale Questions Love In Newest Single "Shapeshifter"

The new single “Shapeshifter” wraps around your heart and comes alive with the spirit of an ’80s pop ballad.

Paired with a lyric video of water and words, New York-based musician Ciarra Fragale spills her heart about love and questions the word tied to the emotion. The initial inspiration came after reading Raymond Carvers’s What We Talk About When We Talk About Love. Fragale felt like she had never questioned the idea before. She started using her music to investigate.

“I did hours of research on the psychology behind loving someone—I think I was searching for some concrete meaning behind it because I wasn’t really sure if I had ever felt it,” Fragale says. “I really wanted to explore this idea in the song, and it turned into this pantheon of a project [and] it felt so sacred.”

Emotional yet still melodically catchy and pleasing, “Shapeshifter” explores one of the most important human emotions in a way that pleases your ears. Watch the lyric video for “Shapeshifter” below and pre-order Ciarra Fragale’s self-titled album on her website here.