Chris Pierce Defines Political Folk with "San Francisco Bay"

Combining influences like Randy Newman, Bob Dylan, and Lead Belly, Chris Pierce uses his powerful words and intricate instrumentation to make a political song on a level all on its own.

From the upcoming album American Silence, “San Francisco Bay” takes a hard look at America’s long legacy of racism. Strumming hard on an acoustic guitar, Pierce uses his robust vocals to sings a tragically ironic story of some of America’s first seeds of racism being planted.

“It’s a homage to Randy Newman’s immortal ‘Sail Away,'” Pierce says. “What did our brothers and sisters of color think about when they were approaching America’s shore? The song is an ironic offering to that idea—specifically, about a Chinese immigrant who’s heading to SF Bay to secure work on the railroad.”

Be the first to listen to Chris Pierce’s “San Francisco Bay” below, and be on the lookout for American Silence out Feb. 26—pre-order here!

CHRIS PIERCE (Official) · San Francisco Bay