Billy the Kid Releases "Love is the Way In" to Encourage Change & Spread Love

With a president completely fueled by hatred, sometimes it’s hard to remember to love. Billy the Kid is here to remind you that love really does make the world go round.

“After the disheartening election of 2016, I needed some way to express how I felt, so I wrote this song as part-therapy and also part-solution,” Billy Aukstik aka Billy the Kid says. “Listen to this song with open ears and send it to your friend with the same message—and don’t forget to vote!”

“Love is the Way In” has an infectious melody that’ll make you want to clap along and shine brightly from within. Though the catchy tune is reminiscent of classic rock from the ’70s, it’s not preachy hippy flower child music. It’s meant for those who are on the streets right now, in 2020, fighting against injustices and standing up for what’s right. Those who are on the front lines of protests, donating, helping lift voices of the oppressed, and just doing what they can to better humanity are rightfully angry, but they know their ultimate goal is to spread love. This song is here to remind everyone of the ultimate goal.

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