Autogramm Channels Garfield-Vibes In New Video for "Anxiety"

The world is no stranger to anxiety after the shitstorm 2020 threw at us. And though the light at the end of the tunnel draws nearer in 2021, we’re still in need of some serious de-stressors.

Canadian indie rockers Autogramm found the classic comic strip Garfield perfect to sum up the overwhelming emotions we’ve all felt recently. That little orange cat gives zero fucks and encourages you to laze around. Autogramm’s track “Anxiety” is a melodic indie rock thrasher that makes you want to dance around in a relatable I’ve-been-stressed-out-of-my-mind-and-need-a-release kind of way.

“I like to think that it was more that I felt akin to [Garfield’s] give-no-fucks disdain for the 9-to-5,” Autogramm guitarist/vocalist Jiffy Marx says. “It’s not that I want to focus on the bad and/or complain about my own anxieties, but I honestly believe it could help others with their own manic worries and irrational fears to know that they are not alone—like, for me, all these many years later, it still helps to know Garfield and I are very alike in that we both hate Mondays and we both love the Ramones.”

The video shows the tragic life of a teddy bear as he keeps being hit with bad luck. Though it seems like the end for Teddy, the ripping guitar riffs and pop-punk-esque choruses end this fluffy badass on a note that keeps him going strong.

“While the song is not specifically about the global pandemic, it is about the feelings we collectively share as we navigate our way toward an uncertain future,” bassist CC Voltage adds. “Especially those of us, or those we know, who are connected to the live music industry.”

From their upcoming sophomore LP No Rules (out April 16), be the first to watch “Anxiety” by Autogramm below.