Ashley Strongarm Lets Go of Old Ideals with the Premiere of "Pushing Daisies"

Deciding to completely change your life is not easy, but sometimes it needs to be done. “Pushing Daisies” lets you know you’re not alone.

NYC-based musician Ashley Strongarm sings about the fear that comes with taking a new path in life and the emotional goodbyes necessary before taking it. Born and raised in North Carolina, Strongarm felt pressure to settle down early and become a wife and mother already like many of her friends. Her heart pulled her in a different direction, though. She struggled with finding her new identity, which threw those old expectations out the window and introduced her to a new reality of playing music in dive bars and waking up hungover.

“I wrote ‘Pushing Daisies’ as a way to express the conflicting emotions I felt about this change,” she says. “The birth of my new life meant the death of my old one—I like to think of this song as a funeral for that, I wanted ‘Pushing Daisies’ to have the same sort of dissonance I was experiencing at the time.”

The slow-yet-optimistic melody can be somewhat deceiving. A sweet indie rock beat sweeps you into a romantic vibe. But listen closely to Strongarm’s smooth vocals and you’ll hear a more melancholic story being told. The video follows a blossoming young lady—literally blossoming, her head’s a flower blooming—doing mundane things around NYC. Strongarm sings along in other scenes while she dances to her sorrows.

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