Announcing Dogs At Large's Newest Album & Debuting Its First Single

Chicago isn’t called the Windy City for nothing—it brings in stabbing chills from Lake Michigan that go straight into your bones and whirls up cold feelings of isolation and disassociation. Sam Pirruccello, the frontman of Dogs At Large, is no stranger to these feelings.

“Break You Out” combines shimmering guitars and a hypnotizing melody with emotional vocals to take you through a typical cold winter’s day in Chicago. The clever infusion of Americana and psych-rock makes the bleakness of it all nostalgic and romanticizes the melancholy.

“It’s a song about becoming despondent to your immediate reality and wanting to find a way to mentally escape,” Sam Pirruccello tells BTRtoday. “It’s about looking to others you admire to try and crack into the way that they see the world—to somehow alter your perception by way of your relationship to others.”

The single is the debut for Dogs At Large’s fifth LP Jeopardy, due out this fall—and Pirruccello says the album is “so unusual” compared to what they normally do.

Be the first to listen to Dogs At Large’s “Break You Out” below.

Dogs at Large · Break You Out