Ali Awan Strolls His Way Out of an Emotional Ditch in New Video for "Climb"

The Philly-based/Turkey-native artist Ali Awan hits a nostalgic tune that anybody can relate to with “Climb.”

“Climb” is a cathartic dance number with a melody reminiscent of late ’90s/early ’00s groovy rock groups like Deee-Lite or Eels. It combines opposites of all kinds—calming vs. energetic, melancholic vs. enthusiastic, and chill vs. dance-y. The visuals now added to accompany this all-encompassing psychedelic jam give it an extra boost of reliability. Anwan strolls down the streets of Philadelphia presenting the world exactly how it is—post-apocalyptic, but still groovin’.

“’Climb’ is about getting oneself out of an emotional ditch,” says Awan. “It was my first time collaborating with another artist and Will Brown (Astronaut Jumpshot) and I had a lot of fun with it—he added the samples during the breaks which really gave it something else and stepped up the energy.”

Be the first to watch the video for Ali Awan’s genre-transcending track “Climb” below and pre-order the upcoming EP Moon Mode here—out June 11 on Born Losers Records.