Adrian + Meredith Get Old-School with a Crankie New Video for "Bad For Business"

The sociopolitically conscious Americana duo Adrian and Meredith Krygowski have paired their energetic title track from their upcoming album “Bad For Business” with an old-school/hand-drawn crankie box to portray the times.

Their tongue-in-cheek approach to addressing political mayhem in the U.S. gives the title track an upbeat feel, paired with an unpretentious call for introspection. Their fusion of classic cowboy western melodies and a fresh take on Americana/blues makes “Bad For Business” a must-listen-to song.

“Sometimes it feels like we’re all shouting into a giant void and everything we do is ‘bad for business.’ The rules change constantly from not using plastic straws to turning vegan or trying to make the world a better place, just to end up getting criticized for doing it wrong,” says Adrian. “Certainly inspired by Trump-era politics, this is a social commentary on the business of society in today’s world of ‘fake news,’ and ‘alternative facts.'”

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