A Double Video Premiere from Anonymous NY Duo Newspoke

Produced over three years with an entire crew operating drones, hopping from different locations, and non-stop editing—Newspoke’s video for “Sleep Well” and “Friend” combines an epic story that glides you through an array of emotions.

“When we sequenced the album, it made a lot of sense to make it a double song video of ‘Sleep Well’ and ‘Friend’ because they’re back-to-back on the album and sonically and thematically flow into each other,” the duo says. “‘Sleep Well’ is about two people going separate ways and finding new partners, then ‘Friend’ is about finding love through a long journey—the ‘Friend’ part of the video could be seen as an entirely different perspective or part of the same story, it’s up to the viewer.”

Melodic and emotional, “Sleep Well” portrays a hurt heart, trying to figure it all out. The vocals are soothing and sing about loss while the instrumentation is aggressive and robust. “Friend” transitions into a slower melody that feels softer and more hopeful. But it eventually builds up to feel upbeat and celebratory. The video shows this transition through a trip in the sky across the big city—from one heart to another.

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