A Double Premiere from La China de la Gasolina's Debut Self-Titled Album

The cooly bizarre yet eerily captivating new project from Champagne Superchillin’s drummer Charlie Garmendia will take you where no music has before.

As fate would have it, while visiting friends in Cuba, Garmendia came down with a fever. Though feeling delusional from sickness, his determination to make music was overpowering. He realized the only cure to his illness was recording. He invited some friends and local Havana musicians over and they started working on what would eventually blossom into the uniquely experimental, jazz, dance, improvisational album that is La China de la Gasolina.

When recording the track “Demonio Bongo,” Garmendia remembers working through the haze from both the fever clouding his mind and the late-night cigarette smoke filling up his room. Though he was still ill, his friends sat with him in his sweat-soaked bed well into the morning and administered the medicinal melodies.

“At this point, there was this weird energy in the room which I still feel when I listen to [“Demonio Bongo”], I felt something dark and something light mingling together in the air,” he says about the creative process. “It felt like it was swimming through the cigarette smoke, intertwining around us all.”

Since La China de la Gasolina is like no other project, the tracks premiering below could not part with each other. Tune in to the double premiere below and get pulled into the obscure world that is the self-titled album of La China de la Gasolina—out Sept. 25. (Pre-order here!)

(Song Credits: “Ambrossio Blues”
Charles Garmendia- drums & percussion, recorded/mixed & produced the track
Alberto Cartaya- keys and bass 
Ricardo Moré- vocals)

(Song Credits: “Demonio Bongo”
Charlie Garmendia- electronic drums, percussion, synth, recorded & produced
Alberto Cartaya- bass and percussion
La China Fergata- vocals
Jorgito- spirit)