A Dark Dance for Praises' New "Shadow Of A Doubt"

There is nothing more powerful than a dark and melancholic dance video to go with a robustly emotional song.

Praises’ “Shadow Of A Doubt” really kicks you into spooky-mode for this Halloween season. The experimental, post-punk/goth orchestral song feels like something straight out of a classic 1970s thriller. From EP THREEa three-track album packed with dark and gloomy melodies that make your heart yearn for something you forgot about—”Shadow Of A Doubt” is perfectly dark. The music video directed by Alex Gray, opens up with an almost mummified dancer moving in ways that seem barely even human in what looks like a damp basement. Set along to the experimental melody and operatic vocals, it’ll send chills down your spine in just the right way.

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Praises, “Shadow of a Doubt”