Everyday life can feel overwhelming, but a little music can help relieve some stress—if not, at least let you know you’re not alone.
“We know this song will bring relief,” Grayson says. “We’re here, we’re queer, and we’re not backing down.”
Grow along with Color Tongue & dance on some graves in this new video featuring some lively sunflowers.
Let go of your fears and let Sumeau swirl you into a world of color and chaos that just feels right.
They’re impossible to google & now they’re debuting with a song saying they’ll drive you crazy—it’s beautiful.
Spend your Halloween this year howling at the moon & nursing your broken heart with some spooky alt-country.
Zone out to these two combined thrashers and let the melody become your therapist.
A dark and mysterious dancer to an epic and emotional experimental song—what more could you ask for?
The animated music video is dark, deep, and illuminating—we gotta fight this unjust system, why not do it to rock ‘n’ roll?
NYC rockers really let it rip in “A Song For You” with no apologies—plus, new release announcements.
Cory José expresses the ups and downs to a late-blooming, yet explosive love in “Warmth.” 
A soulful, jazzy, pop tune that’ll have you hyped & ready for any metaphorical or literal battle you have in life.
Nothing & no one is safe from deep thoughts and weighted emotions in this new introspective indie track.
Get in touch with your inner cowboy and/or honky-tonk angel with Half Stack’s newest & twangiest tunes.
Take a retro road trip through the deserts of Utah with shimmering indie San Francisco quartet.
Have all the most inner heartstrings strung inside yourself to this new soothing release.
Disconnect from the electronics & let this new lo-fi indie track connect you with yourself once again.
Themes of civil rights, education, & ending hatred are the main features of this music video.
Light and dark compete for your attention in this new echoing indie rocker by Dylan Gilbert.
From the drummer of Champagne Superchillin’, this album is like a colorful, humid fever dream from Havana, Cuba.
Buckle Bunny is introducing a city seeped with old-timey country music to a fresh take on the genre. 
Feel fervent, hopeful, and melancholic all at once with the first single off Molly Martin’s upcoming EP. 
Surf rock and classic Nashville indie rock collide to create this epic new track.
The first single from their upcoming debut EP that’s sure to get you emotional and dancey.
Honey, you need to tell your haters to f*ck off and this track will give you that empowering push.
The third single to come from Dan Hanson , aka Fast Preacher’s, upcoming EP ‘Figure It Out’—coming in August.
Heavy hearts and broken souls need a chance to heal—Juracán’s new rain-inspired album is a good place to start.
An extremely relatable song set to a captivating music video is just what you need right now.
Love and life don’t always flow in harmony and Neia Jane has written the song to go along to that struggle.
The twangy indie rockers get retro & competitive in their new music video made while in quarantine.
Throw on that hazmat suit and head to the beach to jam out to Milk for the Angry and this new single.
This combination of visuals and audio will expand your mind to a level of self-comfort that’s hard to obtain alone.
Tinder helped bring the musician & the filmmaker together—even though quarantine prevented them from ever meeting in person.
It’s not a good time to lose yourself in music, but it is time to find that song that keeps your heart strong.
Stay safe, keep quarantining, and let Gawn bring the DIY punk show vibes to you.
Isolation is making everyone crazy, but this track will give you a taste of what really living used to feel like.
Get a taste of the tour life even while you’re in quarantine with this rambunctious rockin’ five-piece.
Self-isolation is the perfect time to crank this track up & fall in love with your inner demons.
NYC indie rockers say hello from amidst this apocalypse & burn their new song for your pleasure. 
Drink the Kool-Aid & see the light with the rhythmic new ‘A Reintroduction to Programmique’ EP.
His sophomore LP ‘Atlantico’ is out 5/11 and the punk rocker digs up inspiration from his family roots.
The underground indie rapper is spitting out killer beats & inviting you to depths of his mind & soul.
Don’t let yourself get to a dark place while alone with your thoughts. Listen to this and feel at ease.
Make your quarantine a little less depressing, with this new one by NYC indie pop-rockers.
This music video will keep you sane by being totally insane during this quarantine season.
If it truly is the end of the world, this song (and upcoming album) is what we all should be listening to.
Here is some new chaotic darkwave/post-punk to keep you from completely going insane.
You need this fun short horror video about a vampire drummer in your life.