Walk On The Wild Side Tours NYC

Living in NYC, we’re constantly surrounded by more history than we could ever know. Behind every storefront and stoop there are thousands of stories—from the mundane to the epic, bursting with important moments in musical history. These streets tell stories from classic rock ‘n’ roll to modern indie rock and everything in between.

So it makes sense for musician Jesse Rifkin to have launched Walk On The Wild Side NYC Tours to tell those stories. Offering several genre-specific tours, artist-specific outings and other custom packages, the tours wind their way through the streets of the city, revealing tales of the people, places and events that shaped modern music.

We headed out on foot for a special preview, touching on highlights from several of the tours (leaning heavily on the Velvet Underground/Sonic Youth threads). Beginning in SoHo and heading into the East Village we learned about the secret history of punk, disco and indie rock.

From the Mercer Arts Center to the once-homes of Madonna and Basquiat, Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore and David Byrne, to the spots where half out favorite albums of all time were recorded and where DFA got its start. We even managed to snap a photo of Rifkin recreating an iconic Billy Joel album cover (despite his absolute disdain for that particular artist).

Follow along with photos from Bryan Bruchman and go pick your own tour.