Train Show at the New York Botanical Gardens - PHOTOBLOG


At the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx, there is a magical exhibit that has the potential to make you feel like a child in wonder. Between the numerous miniature world landmarks made entirely from plant materials, things you would find on the forest floor, to the over a dozen model trains whirling around the near quarter mile of track, there is almost too much to see. Almost.

Access is free for members of the NYBG and tickets for nonmembers are $20, $10 for youths aged 2-12. In addition, the botanical garden has hosted numerous events to celebrate the winter season. Offering events like “Bar Car Nights” and ice sculptures in their courtyard, this exhibit inspires creativity using nature itself to create our world. All accented with trains from throughout history. Hurry up and make your way up to the Bronx, this will be the last weekend before the exhibit closes.

All photos courtesy of Nicole Stinson. For more photos and in higher resolution, check out the BTR Today Flickr Set.