Summer Thursdays in Bryant Park - PHOTOBLOG


Centrally situated in Midtown Manhattan, Bryant Park works both as a busy crossing-grounds and relaxing stopping point for all types: workers with starched collars decompressing on lunch break, tourists taking a moment to re-examine their New York City guide books, photographers focusing their lenses on the urban flora, and so on.

This time of year, the finely manicured lawn and plethora of metal seating arrangements at Bryant Park offer people the rare opportunity to take a break from the hectic mid-’40s stuffed with business, transit, and commercial clutter — all while enjoying impressive architectural scenery of towering skyscrapers or the grandiose New York Public Library.

During summertime, Bryant Park becomes packed with action of all sorts. At the same time, there could be a bustling ping-pong competition, focused mini-putt practice, gleeful carousel rides, loud, live Broadway performance music all at the same time on the same grounds. To give a brief sampling of what summer’s like in the park, let’s focus on Thursdays, a the designated day for juggling, accordions, and yoga.

All photos by Tanya Silverman. For more pictures and in higher resolution check out the BTR Today Flickr Set.