White Girl Problems Book Release Party


Written by: Lauren Hawker

Friday night, BTR was at the release party for the heavily anticipated book White Girl Problems at Milk Studios in the Meat Packing District of Manhattan. White Girl Problems began as an anonymous twitter feed by a fictional character, ‘Babe Walker’, attracting hundreds of thousands of followers with musings such as “I may or may not have gone down on Lana Del Ray last night” and “if i like him he’s probably gay”. The three people behind the book are television actor siblings Tanner Cohen, David Oliver Cohen, and their friend, Lara Schoenhals. DJ Justin Dean Thomas  and DJ Mia Moretti curated the music for the event.

A healthy turnout for the internet sensation.

From left to right: Tanner Cohen, Lara Schoenhals, and David Oliver Cohen introduce guests to the event.

Actress Susan Surandon (far right) decides to crash the party.

Veteran bloggers Tanner Cohen and Lara Schoenhals pose amidst the festivities.

Twitter personality, @FatJew, lends his support to his fellow social media gurus.

All Photos by Lauren Hawker.