SXSW Music 2018: Tuesday

It is on in Austin.

South by Southwest officially started on Tuesday, March 14. BTRtoday photographer Jeanette D. Moses and music writer Elena Childers are in Austin all week to capture as much of the festival’s wild energy as possible. Follow along on our Instagram and Facebook pages for more from Jeanette and Elena all week.

The Riot Act Media showcase at Valhalla kicked the festivities off with recent BTR Live Studio sessions feature artists Anna Burch Amy O, Strawberry Runners and Faith Healer. The BTRtoday favorites were joined by Partner, Juan De Fuca and Barrie The Band for an excellent lineup of music, nail art and, for a few lucky guests, free pants.

Later in the evening, Seattle rock ‘n roll band Thunderpussy tore it up over at BD Riley’s, where singer and human whirlwind Molly Sides took the show off the stage and into the crowd’s faces.

It was a wild time, for sure, but it’s just a mere preview of the antics we’ll see in Austin this week, on and off stage.